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Parental Abandonment, Cheating, Alcohol Abuse, (Accidental) Suicide

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August, 1983. It is the day of Nina Riva’s annual end-of-summer party. Everyone who is anyone wants to be around the Rivas: surfer and supermodel Nina, brothers Jay and Hud, and their baby sister Kit. Together, the siblings are the source of fascination in Malibu and the world over – especially as the children of the legendary singer Mick Riva.

By Midnight, the party will be completely out of control.

By morning, the Riva mansion will have gone up in flames.

But before that, the alcohol will flow, the music will play, and secrets will come bubbling to the surface.

Reviving the Reader's Soul: A Journey Through Malibu Rising

Taylor Jenkins Reid manages to construct a dual landscape within the book in which she seamlessly intertwines two distinct locations.


  1. the nostalgic charm of “Old Malibu Road” which is a main part of the main characters’ journey
  2. the vibrant pulse of the contemporary setting at 28150 Cliffside River


In her narrative, Taylor Reid paints a vivid picture of Old Malibu Road, a setting steeped in nostalgia and acts as a portal to the past. This evocative backdrop is an anchor within the story, slowly unraveling the secrets and histories that echo through the present. It enriches the story with multiple layers of depth and meaning.


In contrast to the wistful nostalgia of the past, the present-day Malibu at 28150 Cliffside River springs to life on the pages.


From the outset, “Malibu Rising” extends an irresistible invitation to its readers. Its initial chapters deftly tantalize us with glimpses into the characters’ lives and events yet to fully unfold. The delicate balance between revelation and mystery fosters a compelling curiosity that urges the readers to keep turning the pages. I got so lost in the book that I forgot it would have to end at some point.


Jenkins Reid’s manner of writing is a delicate dance between elegance and accessibility. Her words flow effortlessly, painting a vivid and detailed world without succumbing to overwhelming complexity. This balance allows for an immersive experience that gently envelopes readers in its embrace.


One of Jenkins Reid’s remarkable talents, however, lies in her ability to breathe life into her characters and setting. With each turn of the page, the depth of her characters and the palpable vibrancy of the world she creates capture the imagination, seamlessly drawing readers into the heart of the story.

While “Malibu Rising” boasts an amazingly crafted plot and thoughtfully woven storyline, there was a character towards the end whose narrative felt detached, failing to resonate with my emotions or the central arc. This diversion disrupted my immersion, diverting attention from the core plotline without adding significant depth or impact.


The pacing, particularly towards the end of the story, presented moments where the narrative felt a tad bit sluggish. As the story hurtled towards its climax, the abundance of peripheral narratives became slightly overwhelming.


The resolution, while satisfying in parts, left a lingering sense of incompleteness. The main character’s decisions were admirable, yet the treatment of secondary main characters such as Kit, Hud, and Jay felt inadequate. Their arcs, which began to pique my interest, were left hanging, depriving closure and insight into their fates. It would have been gratifying to delve deeper into their journeys, granting a more conclusive glimpse into their lives post-climax.


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Taylor Jenkins Reid is a skilled author renowned for her captivating storytelling and deeply developed characters. Her narrative effortlessly blends elegance and accessibility, drawing readers into vividly crafted worlds. With a knack for exploring intricate human connections and family dynamics, Reid’s works resonate long after the final page.

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