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Review Policy:

  • All book reviews are based on honest and personal opinions.
  • I accept review copies but reserve the right to decline if the book doesn’t align with my reading preferences.
  • Reviews will be fair and constructive, focusing on the merits and aspects that resonate with me.

Comment Policy:

  • Comments are encouraged and welcomed, fostering a positive and respectful community.
  • Constructive criticism is valued, but any form of harassment, hate speech, or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Comments are moderated, and offensive content will be removed.

Disclosure Policy:

  • In the spirit of transparency, I may use affiliate links. Clicking on these links may result in a small commission for me, but it won’t affect the price for you.
  • Sponsored content or partnerships will be clearly disclosed within the post.

Copyright Policy:

  • All content, including text and images, is the property of LitChronicle. Proper credit will be given for any external sources used.
  • Readers are encouraged to share content with credit, but unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.

Privacy Policy:

  • Any personal information collected (e.g., through comments or subscriptions) will be kept confidential and not shared with third parties.
  • The blog uses cookies for a better user experience. Users can adjust their browser settings to control cookie preferences.

Collaboration Policy:

  • Collaboration inquiries are welcome, including guest posts and partnerships.
  • However, collaborations will only be accepted if they align with the blog’s theme and values.

Content Update Policy:

  • The blog’s schedule may vary, but efforts will be made to maintain consistency in posting.
  • Any changes to the posting schedule or blog policies will be communicated to the readers in advance.

Community Guidelines:

  • Respectful and diverse opinions are encouraged within the community.
  • Discussions around sensitive topics will be approached with care and consideration for all readers.

Affiliate Links Policy:

  • Affiliate links may be used to support the maintenance of the blog.
  • Readers are not obligated to use these links, and the presence of affiliate links does not influence the content of the blog.

Social Media Policy:

  • Social media channels affiliated with the blog will follow the same guidelines of respect and positivity.
  • Engagement on social media should reflect the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere of the blog.

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